Fuzzy Microcontroller (XMCU)

Fuzzy Microcontroller (XMCU)


A Fuzzy Microcontroller

(XMCU) is a microcontroller unit programmed with a fuzzy inference engine. It can be converted into a complete fuzzy controller by providing it with the controller parameters (the knowledge-base, or KB) for the specific application using Xiera’s fuzzy controller development tool (edeX ). The figure below shows the components of the fuzzy microcontroller chip.


Designing a Fuzzy
Microcontroller Application

edeX includes a microcontroller (the XMCU) with a resident fuzzy controller algorithm.

Creating a fuzzy controller for a particular system involves customizing the XMCU for the particular application. All the designer needs to do is tune the knowledge-base (the fuzzy controller parameters) and download it to the chip. edeX’s user-friendly tools are used to automatically tune the knowledge-base and to test the fuzzy controller performance directly on the application. edeX generates default fuzzy rules and membership functions, or the users can enter their own initial fuzzy rules and membership functions.


Multiple Fuzzy Controllers on a Single Chip

Users can design and store multiple controllers on the XMCU, limited only by the available Flash memory of the chip.

edeX allows the user to partition the XMCU’s Flash into independent segments and configure each segment’s controller parameters. Every segment runs as a separate controller with its own configurable I/Os. This means that several loops can be controlled with one MCU.

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Microcontroller Configurations


Two-Chip Solution

At present, Xiera’s fuzzy technology is carried by a dedicated microcontroller, which interfaces with the host MCU. Hence implementation of an embedded fuzzy application requires two microcontrollers.


One-Chip Solution

Using a single MCU to host both the fuzzy controller and the application code, for increased speed and high-volume production, requires special consideration, and will involve a licensing agreement with Xiera for its IP.

Please contact Xiera for more information


Other Models of Microcontrollers

For microcontroller chips of user’s choice, Xiera will work with our clients to satisfy their needs.
Please contact Xiera for pricing and more information.