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Process Control

Xiera will work with process control companies to offer fuzzy logic control with Auto-tuning capability. Our Auto-tuner makes the application of fuzzy logic controllers (FLCs) comparable to that of the PID control. This is a significant technological breakthrough in the field of intelligent control. Our Auto-tuner is capable of tuning the FLC for all types of control loops, including multivariable interactive systems.

Xiera offers the following:

  • Several proprietary intelligent fuzzy logic controller designs, characterized by high speed and small memory requirements.
  • A unique model-based auto-tuning system for the automated tuning of fuzzy logic controllers which has the following advantages:
  • The Auto-tuner optimizes the fuzzy logic controller parameters (knowledge-base) in seconds or minutes, which compares with the auto-tuning of the PID controller.
  • Provides solutions to complex problems that are presently intractable, such as complex control loops, highly nonlinear processes and multivariable control systems.
  • Tunes fuzzy logic, as well as, conventional controllers.
  • Intelligent control with nonlinear integration, to handle highly nonlinear systems.

For multivariable capabilities, see:

Case Study 1: Pulverizer.

Case Study 2: Distillation Column

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