An Affordable solution to Ai control


Xiera has developed the first AI fuzzy logic auto-tuner which will allow you to integrate AI fuzzy logic controllers into your products or processes.  With Xiera, you can replace conventional control methods with AI control using standard designer knowledge.

Why AI Control?

The Advantages of AI Control

  • Up to 35% energy savings
  • Up to 30% material savings
  • Handles highly complex multivariable systems
  • Smooth equipment operation & enhanced performance
  • Lower rates of equipment failure
  • Low environmental footprint

The Advantages of Our Solution

  • Application designer does not need in-house AI expertise
  • No need for a large upfront investment
  • Low cost product development
  • Reduced time to market
  • Technical support on projects
  • Low cost entry into the intelligent equipment market


How It Works


Is a fuzzy design and development environment (DDE) tool for the design, testing and validation of FLC for embedded control applications.

The Auto-Tuner

Delivers optimum controller parameters. Its intelligent algorithm can handle systems with multiple inputs and outputs.

High Speed FLCs

With a smaller memory requirement. This means Xiera’s FLCs require smaller and cheaper microcontroller chips while retaining high-speed quality.

Fuzzy Controller Board (XCM)

Is pre-programmed with a resident FLC. No Coding is required.

Fuzzy Controller Board (XCMU)

Is pre-programmed with a resident FLC. No Coding is required.

Multiple FLCs on One Chip

The XMCU can store multiple FLCs for more complex applications. FLCs operate independently from each other while controlling multiple loops for the cost of a single chip.


Maximize system performance goals with edeX, our integrated software & hardware
solution that simplifies AI design and implementation process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Using edeX, Application of fuzzy logic, FLC Microcontrollers and FLC board modules, Others

What exactly is edeX?

edeX is a complete design toolkit consisting of SW/HW components for users to design an AI fuzzy logic controller for embedded control systems. It provides capabilities of data acquisition, modeling, simulation, auto-tuning and testing of the control system.

What other designs can be done with edeX?

Using edeX, the user can design FLC/conventional/hybrid control systems. Hybrid means a combination of FLC and conventional controllers in one control system.

What is In-situ Application Development?

edeX allows users to integrate the AI control chip on their own prototype electronic board and develop the application directly in its native environment.

Does edeX allow writing non-fuzzy code for the application?

No. edeX is used specifically for the design, tuning, and testing of the fuzzy controller. Any other non-fuzzy code required by the application can be written using industry standard procedures.

What happens after I design my FLC?

Send your KB file to Xiera, and Xiera will supply you with the number of microcontroller chips (XMCU) or FLC boards (XCM) that you require. Your order will be ready to be mounted on your board product.

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