Design and Development Environment for Embedded Control


What is

edeX is a flexible and interactive development environment for design, testing and validation of fuzzy logic controllers (FLCs) for embedded control applications:

  • Simple to use. No scripting, programming or lengthy learning curve required.
  • Cost effective project development.
  • Reduced time to market.
  • Significant breakthrough for companies who, until now, have not been able to benefit from Artificial Intelligence.
  • No heavy investment is required.




  • Data Acquisition by disturbing the process and obtaining input/output (I/O) data,
  • Dynamical modeling and simulation of the target process using the I/O data,
  • Fuzzy logic and conventional controller design and simulation,
  • Auto-tuning of fuzzy logic and conventional controllers,
  • Capabilities to link to third party HW systems, such as custom-design boards and off the shelf SBC’s,
  • Can run several controllers in independent segments on one chip.
  • Accommodates for the design of multi-input multi-output control systems.




  • Software (SW): modeling, simulation, and fuzzy logic design, fuzzy controller specification and configuration (rule and membership function editors), Target configuration interface, Target operation interface.
  • Hardware (HW): Up to 8 evaluation boards with a total of 32 I/O channels for development and evaluation of embedded fuzzy control applications.
  • Fuzzy controller module (XCM).
  • I/O daughter boards include VDC (0 – 5, -5 +5, 0 – 10, -10 +10), DC current (4 – 20 mA), TC, RTD, Thermistor, PWM, TRIAC (10 A).

The software and hardware components are designed to work together to facilitate the application development tasks.


Integration to
user’s Product

Users can integrate:

  • the FLC microcontroller (XMCU),
  • the XCM fuzzy controller module.

Users have the option of using the evaluation board (EVB), or attach the XCM or XMCU to their prototype board right from the get go without the EVB, and design their fuzzy logic application.

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The Fuzzy Microcontroller

edeX includes a fuzzy microcontroller (the XMCU) with a resident fuzzy controller algorithm.

Creating a fuzzy controller for a particular system involves customizing the XMCU for that application. All the designer needs to do is tune the knowledge-base (the controller parameters) and download it to the chip. edeX’s user-friendly tools are used to automatically tune the knowledge-base and to test the fuzzy controller performance directly on the application. edeX generates default fuzzy rules and membership functions, or the user can enter their own initial fuzzy rules and membership functions.

Minimal or No Knowledge of Fuzzy Logic is Required 


Single-Chip Implementations

In the automatic tuning mode, the user tunes the fuzzy controller by working with the process model, employing the fuzzy design software to automatically optimize the FLC parameters. The tuned KB is then downloaded to the chip for online testing.

At present, Xiera’s fuzzy technology resides on a dedicated STM32F051K microcontroller, which is driven by the host application microcontroller through a serial channel. For high-volume applications where low cost is important, or for high-performance designs, it may be desirable to have the fuzzy logic algorithm integrated with the rest of the application code on a single microcontroller.

In these cases, special consideration is required, please contact Xiera for details


Other Types of Microcontrollers

For implementations on microcontrollers of user’s choice, Xiera will work with our clients to satisfy their needs. Please contact Xiera for details .