Embedded System Integrators

Embedded System Integrators



Xiera will work with small and large embedded control designers and system integrators so that they can provide intelligent control hardware for equipment and home appliances. Xiera furnishes them with the opportunity to offer AI and fuzzy logic control business to their clients and customers.

Xiera will supply its edeX fuzzy logic design toolkit, and provide any technical backup required.

  • edeX is simple and intuitive to use with user friendly interfaces
  • It is a complete toolkit for the design, testing and validation of the fuzzy and conventional control systems
  • No coding is required for the fuzzy logic part, and no long learning curve
  • No heavy upfront investment is required

All that is needed is to spend few hours learning how to use edeX, and start the design of fuzzy logic control.

Please contact Xiera to discuss your interest and cooperation with Xiera.