Equipment and Appliance Manufacturers


Xiera offers

Xiera offers manufacturers of equipment and appliances the ability to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence and fuzzy logic control within their products, which will:

  • Boost sales by providing superior products than your competition
  • Increase profit by offering equipment upgrades
  • Increase profit margins by providing intelligent products at a fraction of the cost


Intelligent control

  • Energy savings
  • Raw material savings
  • Smooth equipment operation
  • Reduced gas emission
  • Pollution Control
  • Reduced product wastage


Xiera’s Low Cost

Xiera provides these solutions at such low costs to manufacturers, because:

  • Xiera has developed a design toolkit, edeX, for the complete design, testing and validation of the intelligent control system.
  • edeX is provided with advanced Auto-tuner which auto-tunes the control system and equipment performance so that you don’t have to hire a group of engineers to work for weeks to achieve the quality required. Your existing engineers and/ or system integrators can use edeX to perform the design.
  • Historically you had to hire several costly AI experts to create intelligent control designs for your product. edeX design station and hardware will do the work of a team of engineers. In the majority of cases, one engineer is sufficient.


Xiera can

  • directly with the manufacturers as a turnkey project
  • Joint product development with your engineers
  • with your system integrators and providers of technology and control product. Xiera is ready to supply its edeX fuzzy logic design toolkit, and provide any technical backup required. edeX has the following features:
  •  Simple and intuitive to use with user friendly interfaces
  •  No coding is required for the fuzzy logic part, and no long learning curve
  •  No heavy upfront investment is required


All that is needed is to spend few hours learning how to use edeX, and start the design of fuzzy logic control.

Please contact Xiera to discuss your interest and cooperation with Xiera.