gdeX for Process and General Purpose Control


gdeX is Unique



gdeX is Xiera’s unique fuzzy logic control product intended for the process and general purpose control industry:

  • Suitable for all types of control loops,
  • Interfaces with third party HW/SW via RS232, RS485 and RS422,
  • Support for multi-input multi-output (MIMO) interactive control systems,
  • Auto-tuning the fuzzy controller is comparable to tuning a PID controller,
  • Replaces the industry standard PID controller, or works parallel to it,
  • Controller design can combine fuzzy and conventional control algorithms,
  • Capability of fuzzy PID implementation in user-configurable arrangements.

gdeX is a small board. It is edeX fuzzy controller board extended to have RS232/485/422 communication facilities with text-based communication messages for communicating with 3rd party system.

gdeX is currently under development.