edex package

Embedded Control Fuzzy Toolkit



The following items are included with every edeX purchase:

  1. edeX fuzzy design software, downloaded from Xiera’s
  2. Target evaluation hardware:
  • 1 evaluation board.
  • 1 FLC controller board (XCM). This is a fuzzy controller board which hosts the fuzzy microcontroller XMCU with resident fuzzy controller firmware.
  • 4analog Input/output modules of the customer’s choice.



  • VDC Input Module, 12 bit ADC. This module provides:
  • 0–10 VDC unipolar and ±10 VDC bipolar voltage input,
  • 0–5 VDC unipolar and ±5 VDC bipolar voltage input.
  • mV DC voltage input module for thermocouple measurements (selected types), 14 bit ADC. The thermocouple type supported is J type
  • RTD/Thermistor input module, 15 bit ADC. This provides:
  • mV DC range voltage input, for Resistance Temperature
    Detector (RTD) measurement (user selectable inputs
    and ranges).
  • μV DC range voltage input, for NTP thermistor measurements.
  • 4-20 mA current input module, 12 bit ADC.



  • VDC/Current Output Module, 12 bit DAC. This module provides:
    0–10 VDC unipolar and ±10 VDC bipolar voltage Output,
    0–5 VDC unipolar and ±5 VDC bipolar voltage Output,
    4-20 mA current output,
  • Pulse width modulation (PWM) output module, 8 bit DAC.
  • ACO for 10Amp-TRIAC output module, and 10 Amp RMS TRIAC module.

I/O boards are small, modular signal-conditioning and generation boards that implement a variety of analog-to-digital conversion. Depending on the type of board, 8 to15 bit A/D and D/A are supported,with buffered signal conditioning,with 1 MΩ input impedance. All I/O boards have optical isolation (decoupling) from the controlled process.




  1. For users who want to use the TRIAC board, Xiera will ship both the ACO and the TRIAC boards (considered as one board) with the edeX package.
  2. Customers can request more HW boards (EVB’s, XCM’s and I/O’s) at extra cost.

Parts List

No. Description Size L x Win. (cm) Type
1 edeX: -Fuzzy SW, -1 EVB, -1XCM, -4 Input/ Output Modules Fuzzy controller Design & Development Toolkit
2 EVB edeX 55/32 x 219/32 (13.1x6.6) Evaluation Board
3 XCM edeX 113/64x19/64 (3.05x2.9 FLC Board
4 Voltage Analog Input Module 2x1¼ (5.1x3.2) Input Module
5 Resistance Temperature Detector 2x1¼ (5.1x3.2) Input Module
6 Thermocouple Input Module (TCI) 2x1¼ (5.1x3.2) Input Module
7 Voltage/Current Analog 2x1¼ (5.1x3.2) Output Module
8 Current Analog input Module 2x1¼ (5.1x3.2) Output Module
9 Pulse width modulation 2x1¼ (5.1x3.2) Output Module
10 ACO TRIAC output Module 2x1¼ (5.1x3.2) Output Module
11 TRIAC Module 27/8X2¾ (7.3x7) Output Module
12 Connecting Wire Ribbon 14x1/2 (35.5x11/3) Flat Ribbon Cable
13 Fuzzy Microcontroller Chip FLC
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All hardware components are designed to operate under the following environmental operating conditions:

  • Temperature range of -40° C to +85° C.
  • Humidity range of 5 – 95% non-condensing.

Subjecting the HW boards and components to harsher environmental conditions is at the user’s own risk. Xiera Technologies, Inc. takes no responsibility or liability for any damages which may occur due to such practice.