Case Study Simulated


Autonomous Control of Non-Homogenous Pulverzier Coal Mill

Xiera‚Äôs Auto-tuner technology can handle complicated design of multi-input multi-output and multivariable interactive control systems. Below is a simulation example of a Coal Mill (2×2 system) for a Pulverizer in a coal fired power generation station. The pulverizer has large process dead times and it is considered a difficult loop to control due to the initial cooling of the burning chamber when demand is increased, or when there is a process disturbance.

The Auto-tuner, embedded in the edeX design tool , makes it possible to design multivariable fuzzy controllers capable of eliminating the high interaction between the two loops, and overcoming the problem of large delays in the plant response.

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Case Study: Autonomous Control of Non-Homogenous Pulverizer Coal Mill

Case Study: Control of Distillation Column




  1. Responses for the disturbances where the interactions between the two loops have been reduced to minimum.
  2. To show the power and robustness of the design, the disturbances applied have been chosen to be vey large and equal to the set points, and applied at the process output.